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Histogram Class Reference

#include <histogram.h>

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Detailed Description

This file is a part of PFSTOOLS package. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (C) 2003,2004 Rafal Mantiuk and Grzegorz Krawczyk.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Rafal Mantiuk, <mantiuk@mpi-sb.mpg.de>
histogram.h,v 1.2 2005/09/02 13:10:35 rafm Exp

Definition at line 14 of file histogram.h.

Public Member Functions

void computeFrequency (const pfs::Array2D *image)
void computeLog (const pfs::Array2D *image, float min, float max)
void computeLog (const pfs::Array2D *image)
void computeLumRange (float &min, float &max)
void drawHistogram ()
int getBackgroundHeight (void)
int getBackgroundWidth (void)
int getBins () const
int getFlag (void)
int getHeight (void)
float getHighFrequency () const
float getLumMax ()
float getLumMin ()
float getMaxFrequency () const
float getMaxP () const
float getP (int bin) const
float getSliderPosMax (void)
float getSliderPosMin (void)
SelectedBar getSliderSelectionState ()
int getWidth (void)
int getWinHeight ()
 Histogram (int bins, int accuracy=1)
 This file is a part of PFSTOOLS package. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (C) 2003,2004 Rafal Mantiuk and Grzegorz Krawczyk.
 Histogram (int xPos, int yPos, int width, int height)
float lum2pos (float lum)
float pos2lum (float pos)
int processSelection (int xCoord, int yCoord)
void processSliderSelection (int xCoord, int yCoord)
void redraw (void)
void resetFrequencyMax (void)
void setFlag (int bb)
void setSliderPosMax (float pos)
void setSliderPosMin (float pos)
void setSliderPosMinMax (float min, float max)
int setSliderSelectionState (SelectedBar newState)
void setWinPos (int posX, int posY)
void setWinSize (int width, int height)

Protected Member Functions

void redrawEnd (void)
int redrawStart (void)

Protected Attributes

int flag
GLfloat * winBackgroundColor
int winHeight
int winPosX
int winPosY
int winWidth

Private Member Functions

void drawBackground ()
void drawScale ()
void drawSlider ()
void drawStatistic ()

Private Attributes

int accuracy
GLfloat * backgroundColor
int bins
float frequencyMax
int * frequencyValues
int height
float logLumMax
float logLumMin
float lumMax
float lumMin
float * P
SelectedBar selectionState
float sliderPosMax
float sliderPosMin
int width
int xPos
int yPos

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